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Fuck: Children crushed against a wall by reversing car
Views: 68,557
Posted: 2 Aug at 8:08

Man gets beheaded in retaliation from a cartel hit
Views: 200,898
Posted: 28 Jul at 9:45

Lunch date gets interrupted by a Hitman in Puerto Rico
Views: 183,981
Posted: 27 Jul at 10:52

Stabbed man left with his guts hanging out alive and talking
Views: 183,504
Posted: 27 Jul at 10:34

Married man caught cheating in India
Views: 177,854
Posted: 27 Jul at 9:57

Little girl gets stomped out by a cow in China
Views: 146,068
Posted: 27 Jul at 9:45

Man killed after running into the side of a bus in Brazil
Views: 89,302
Posted: 27 Jul at 8:49

Late night punch up at Joes Pizza in Brooklyn
Views: 73,473
Posted: 27 Jul at 8:41

Man brutally stabs his partner after he caught her cheating
Views: 255,189
Posted: 27 Jul at 8:34

Crocodile kills a woman in Mexico
Views: 434,923
Posted: 23 Jun at 14:30

Couple gunned down by 4 hitmen in Dominican Republic
Views: 314,987
Posted: 22 Jun at 9:36

Crazy shootout in Alaska sounding like a war zone
Views: 161,548
Posted: 21 Jun at 8:53