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New Mexico police officer killed during routine stop
Views: 358,467
Posted: 15 Apr at 12:54

Transgenders get into a fight in Brazil
Views: 164,922
Posted: 14 Apr at 6:59

Mentally ill man sticks a knife in his own head in Turkey
Views: 129,378
Posted: 14 Apr at 6:33

Guy cant take loosing a fight so he pulls out his gun
Views: 184,919
Posted: 13 Apr at 15:12

Young child gets run over while trying to cross the street
Views: 53,104
Posted: 13 Apr at 14:46

Man gets destroyed by a speeding car in India
Views: 53,680
Posted: 13 Apr at 14:42

Drunk man gets hacked with a sickle in India
Views: 98,282
Posted: 13 Apr at 14:30