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Man shot dead in Colombia
Views: 79,395
Posted: Mon at 7:34

Woman shoots and kills husband who was abusing her, Thailand
Views: 142,657
Posted: 11 Aug at 19:00

Gunmen kidnap and execute Ebubeagu commander In Imo State
Views: 120,240
Posted: 11 Aug at 18:20

Thief doused in gasoline and set on fire in Nigeria
Views: 110,267
Posted: 11 Aug at 18:15

Police officer shot dead after interrupting a robbery
Views: 417,152
Posted: 29 Jul at 7:57

Man killed after getting hit by a train in India
Views: 348,033
Posted: 29 Jul at 7:40

Ukrainian soldier gets his dick cut off with a box cutter
Views: 779,289
Posted: 29 Jul at 7:36