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Two fall to their death after a zip line cable snapped
Views: 262,572
Posted: 6 Mar at 10:47

Monkey gets into a fight with a dog over food
Views: 119,405
Posted: 6 Mar at 10:45

Girl gets beat up by another and fails to fight back
Views: 122,269
Posted: 4 Mar at 11:14

Man with a skinned face after getting attacked by a pitbull
Views: 154,095
Posted: 4 Mar at 10:51

Man fucked up on a homemade ferris wheel
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Posted: 4 Mar at 10:48

Rolling gate falls on mother and her child in south africa
Views: 91,218
Posted: 1 Mar at 12:46

Road rage shooting incident between two families in Turkey
Views: 57,994
Posted: 26 Feb at 11:20

Mechanic killed instantly by an exploding tire
Views: 182,195
Posted: 26 Feb at 10:35

Man with a serious infection on his penis causes maggots
Views: 269,131
Posted: 26 Feb at 7:13

Utah Police Officer Kills Armed Sex Assault Suspect
Views: 140,645
Posted: 26 Feb at 6:19