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Man gets jumped and beaten with sticks in India
Views: 22,452
Posted: 7 May at 7:52

Man gets stoned to death with large rocks for rape
Views: 114,363
Posted: 7 May at 7:45

Females punished with sticks in the favelas for stealing
Views: 77,664
Posted: 7 May at 7:17

Man chased and shot in the head in Mexico
Views: 64,941
Posted: 7 May at 7:02

Men sprayed with AK47s inside a mobile phone shop in Syria
Views: 101,261
Posted: 7 May at 6:46

Man gets shot in the back of the head by rivals in Brazil
Views: 141,794
Posted: 27 Apr at 9:41

Pissed off man gets mad at two men and threatens to kill em
Views: 100,694
Posted: 27 Apr at 9:27