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Man murdered inside a nightclub in Ecuador
Views: 139,327
Posted: 20 Jul at 8:43

Isis member films himself executing police officers
Views: 425,451
Posted: 13 Jul at 12:29

Woman Shoots and Kills Boyfriend In Turkey
Views: 600,263
Posted: 13 Jul at 12:25

CJNG cartel members behead men from rival cartel
Views: 437,331
Posted: 13 Jul at 12:20

Uncontrolled Calf kills butcher In Karachi, Pakistan
Views: 231,356
Posted: 11 Jul at 23:53

24-year-old man stabbed to death following fight in Australia
Views: 578,047
Posted: 11 Jul at 22:30

Dodgers fan sexually assaults woman during stadium brawl
Views: 524,309
Posted: 11 Jul at 22:26

Worker killed by exploding tyres rim fragment in Brazil
Views: 170,649
Posted: 11 Jul at 8:36

Man snuck up on and shot in the back of the head in Colombia
Views: 204,037
Posted: 11 Jul at 8:22