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Man crashes into the back of a van in a Motorcycle accident
Views: 9,455
Posted: Yesterday at 1:44

Guy gets shot whilst out with his girl by her jealous ex
Views: 16,976
Posted: Yesterday at 1:32

Couple get beaten with a garden hoe by their neighbour
Views: 11,163
Posted: Yesterday at 1:30

Man killed after getting smudged by a truck
Views: 8,725
Posted: Yesterday at 1:25

Iranian police torture protester in street until death
Views: 19,479
Posted: 25 Oct at 13:33

Yikes: Man gets knocked out after walking out a store
Views: 18,782
Posted: 25 Oct at 13:23

Woman murders thief in attempted robbery in Mexico
Views: 21,859
Posted: 25 Oct at 13:21

Man gets stabbed up and killed inside a parking lot in China
Views: 10,949
Posted: 25 Oct at 13:16

Unbalanced van falls from a car lift injuring mechanic
Views: 12,959
Posted: 25 Oct at 13:12