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Worker dies after crane cable snapped in Indonesia
Views: 233,695
Posted: 10 Sept at 8:34

Dinner gets interrupted by a fireball to the face in China
Views: 157,889
Posted: 10 Sept at 7:48

Business owner shot dead by hitman in Brazil
Views: 124,915
Posted: 10 Sept at 7:38

Man killed by a hitman in Queens while entering his vehicle
Views: 96,607
Posted: 10 Sept at 5:41

Man gets smashed in the face by an exploding tyre in China
Views: 270,930
Posted: 1 Sept at 14:23

Kid gets fucked up by a german shepherd
Views: 296,838
Posted: 31 Aug at 16:17

Woman gets knocked out by Rickshaw in India
Views: 65,214
Posted: 31 Aug at 16:10

Man strope harnessed to a helicopter over afganistan
Views: 107,348
Posted: 31 Aug at 16:04