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Mechanic gets taken out by a runaway tyre while on his phone
Views: 172,877
Posted: 30 May at 8:15

Couple fall from a balcony during an argument
Views: 265,627
Posted: 30 May at 8:07

Karen gets tased for showing her ass [Uncensored]
Views: 605,389
Posted: 17 May at 8:20

Man beaten with sticks until he passes out
Views: 243,618
Posted: 11 May at 17:33

Man gets tied to a tree and beaten for stealing in Africa
Views: 198,243
Posted: 9 May at 10:14

Man forced to eat a mouse in prison
Views: 260,553
Posted: 9 May at 10:08

Two men get into a punch up on the subway
Views: 158,727
Posted: 9 May at 10:00

Disrespectful customer gets bottled by store owner
Views: 141,770
Posted: 9 May at 9:54

Car smashes into a man chilling against the wall
Views: 136,954
Posted: 9 May at 9:46

Homeless man gets run over by a truck and explodes instantly
Views: 212,018
Posted: 7 May at 10:24