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Cheating wife gets jumped by husband and friends in China
Views: 127,119
Posted: 16 Mar at 22:35

Couple get wrecked by a truck in Vietnam
Views: 67,367
Posted: 9 Mar at 20:30

Woman hit and then run over by backhoe in New York
Views: 98,219
Posted: 8 Mar at 11:56

Man shot dead outside a bodega in the Bronx
Views: 151,995
Posted: 8 Mar at 11:46

Two fall to their death after a zip line cable snapped
Views: 246,229
Posted: 6 Mar at 10:47

Monkey gets into a fight with a dog over food
Views: 111,910
Posted: 6 Mar at 10:45

Girl gets beat up by another and fails to fight back
Views: 114,193
Posted: 4 Mar at 11:14

Man with a skinned face after getting attacked by a pitbull
Views: 144,061
Posted: 4 Mar at 10:51

Man fucked up on a homemade ferris wheel
Views: 92,656
Posted: 4 Mar at 10:48