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Man hits woman over the head with a log then discards her into river - Miranda, Venezuela
Uploaded On:Saturday 6th of April 2024

The police are looking for a subject who attacked a woman in the middle of a mutual fight that took place on the banks of the Tuy River, in the Las Mercedes de Cúa sector, Miranda state, in the afternoon of Saturday, March 30.

The event was recorded. In the video it is observed that the woman tries to attack the man with a piece of log, but he, using a similar object, hits her on the head.

As a result of the impact, the female fainted. At that moment, the aggressor and another individual pick up the victim and throw them into the tributary, and then leave the scene.

A commission from the Urdaneta Municipal Police began the investigations, managing to locate the victim who was taken to a health center.

The victim, who is 34 years old, was diagnosed by doctors at the Dr. Osío de Cúa hospital with head trauma and left periorbital schimosis.

The woman identified her attacker as Adrián Enrique Torrealba Espinoza, 28 years old, who lives on José Antonio Páez Street in the Bicentenario neighborhood of Cúa.

This man was arrested near the CDI of the Lecunberry de Cúa Urbanization by officials of the Urdaneta Municipal Police.

Then, on instructions from Prosecutor 26 of the Public Ministry, the detainee was released, since lawyer Yorgelis Hidalgo, head of this office, requested that the case be sent through ordinary channels.

This measure caused relatives of the victim to denounce the situation through social networks, so authorities from the Public Ministry ordered the recapture of Torrealba Espinoza.

To close this information, it was learned that Daniel José Pérez, 29 years old, and his wife Yenni María Veliz Medina (28) were arrested in this same case, who also participated in the attacks with the victim.