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Man caught on camera punching up his wife in Turkey
Views: 68,609
Posted: 10 Aug at 19:56

3 killed in Victoria, Minnesota plane crash
Views: 53,751
Posted: 9 Aug at 12:33

Woman gets twister up in work machinery
Views: 525,797
Posted: 7 Aug at 22:33

Man shot from behind with an assault rifle in Brazil
Views: 118,428
Posted: 7 Aug at 22:24

Store owner shot dead after an argument in Atlanta
Views: 66,623
Posted: 6 Aug at 6:43

Woman shot dead at close range in Brazil
Views: 39,218
Posted: 6 Aug at 6:41

SMH: Man found dead and chained to a tree
Views: 121,136
Posted: 2 Aug at 8:36

Men drink driving end up dead after a fatal car crash
Views: 217,962
Posted: 2 Aug at 8:25