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Drive Safe: Aftermath of a terrible accident
Views: 141,095
Posted: 6 Apr at 5:57

Man jumps to his death making a TikTok video in Egypt
Views: 197,423
Posted: 6 Apr at 5:41

Man gets his legs run over by his partner
Views: 44,418
Posted: 5 Apr at 20:47

Man gets shot with an AR in Brooklyn New York
Views: 106,191
Posted: 5 Apr at 20:19

Man beaten with a wooden plant outside a club in Brazil
Views: 40,235
Posted: 4 Apr at 12:20

Armed robber shot dead by store clerk in Brazil
Views: 61,521
Posted: 21 Mar at 14:12

Dead man rolls out the back of a cement mixer
Views: 63,776
Posted: 21 Mar at 14:12

Man runs over a thief who robbed him
Views: 48,069
Posted: 21 Mar at 14:12

Hitmen ambush and kill 13 cops in Mexico
Views: 75,178
Posted: 21 Mar at 14:12