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Handcuffed man executed by police in Ethiopia
Views: 141,202
Posted: 18 Jun at 7:32

Hospital patient shot dead by gunman in Russia
Views: 118,917
Posted: 16 Jun at 9:19

17 Year old shot in the head by motorcycle gunman in Brazil
Views: 164,328
Posted: 16 Jun at 9:16

Guy looks at the cctv camera, then dies.
Views: 305,538
Posted: 16 Jun at 8:58

Man murdered with a meat cleaver in China
Views: 250,989
Posted: 16 Jun at 8:49

Man shot dead and robbed for his gun in Brazil
Views: 73,382
Posted: 16 Jun at 8:36

Woman shot in the head several times at close range in Bazil
Views: 569,800
Posted: 31 May at 18:13