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Man stabbed after refusing to be quiet on a Train in LA
Views: 366,965
Posted: 21 Sept at 12:45

Shop owner disarms and fights off robber in the UK
Views: 124,592
Posted: 21 Sept at 9:30

Man dancing around gets killed in a drive by in Ecuador
Views: 175,775
Posted: 21 Sept at 9:25

Mans legs get chewed up and destroyed in farming machinery
Views: 238,616
Posted: 21 Sept at 9:20

Man loses his leg trying to get away from police in Brazil
Views: 256,708
Posted: 21 Sept at 8:48

Man chased down beaten and attacked with an Axe in Kazakhstan
Views: 198,298
Posted: 21 Sept at 8:41

Aliyev armed forces raped tortured and killed Armenian woman
Views: 275,450
Posted: 21 Sept at 7:47

Man shot dead whilst chilling with friends in Mexico
Views: 194,931
Posted: 16 Sept at 7:41

Mad man gives himself a scalping haircut
Views: 489,915
Posted: 16 Sept at 7:05

Man executed by a hitman whilst at work in Brazil
Views: 245,456
Posted: 15 Sept at 16:07