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Transgender gets brutally stabbed in Brazil
Views: 127,070
Posted: Yesterday at 9:27

Security guard commits suicide by mistake in Iran
Views: 124,317
Posted: Tue at 23:35

Biker collides with a tree in Colombia
Views: 55,103
Posted: Tue at 23:07

Guy beats up his girlfriend while she was asleep in Colombia
Views: 260,708
Posted: 26 Sept at 9:50

Two robbers dropped after they tried to rob a store in Brazil
Views: 211,270
Posted: 22 Sept at 9:32

Woman riding a scooter is killed by falling post in Brazil
Views: 289,209
Posted: 22 Sept at 9:15

Naked women found dismembered in France
Views: 367,099
Posted: 21 Sept at 20:02

Motorcycle collision in Colombia
Views: 136,948
Posted: 21 Sept at 12:51