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Woman nearly gets obliterated along with her daughter
Views: 257,442
Posted: 12 May at 10:39

Scooter rider gets destroyed at a Train crossing + Aftermath
Views: 350,087
Posted: 12 May at 7:20

Female store clerk shot point blank in the head by robber
Views: 544,369
Posted: 2 May at 7:21

Man gets executed inside a bar in Brazil
Views: 287,495
Posted: 2 May at 7:10

Simple but deadly BMX accident...Wear a helmet!
Views: 515,000
Posted: 2 May at 7:06

Student gets punched up and kicked by the school bus driver
Views: 345,760
Posted: 30 Apr at 16:55

Baton Rouge woman stabbed to death on Facebook Live
Views: 922,412
Posted: 20 Apr at 20:09

Murdered man gets his corpse eaten by Vultures
Views: 1,159,034
Posted: 29 Mar at 23:05

4 People killed in a drive by shooting in Mexico
Views: 741,085
Posted: 29 Mar at 23:02

Russian Gets Stabbed To Death By Ukrainian Soldier
Views: 1,216,742
Posted: 29 Mar at 22:54