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Female tourist attacked and killed by a Shark in Egypt
Views: 114,370
Posted: Tue at 14:37

Off duty cop gets killed with his own gun in Brazil
Views: 74,189
Posted: Tue at 14:09

Factory worker killed by robotic arm in China
Views: 76,912
Posted: Tue at 14:05

Worker gets himself twisted up in work machinery
Views: 161,321
Posted: 2 Jul at 11:27

Customer caught slipping at a barber shop in Brazil
Views: 177,731
Posted: 1 Jul at 6:06

Gang member executed by rival in Brazil
Views: 161,184
Posted: 29 Jun at 8:34

No mercy for these female thieves in Brazil
Views: 366,528
Posted: 27 Jun at 22:43

Shooter hits the wrong target!
Views: 144,777
Posted: 27 Jun at 22:36

Biker killed after losing control of a wheelie in Colombia
Views: 205,666
Posted: 27 Jun at 22:20

Man gets attacked by a pitbull in south africa for 2 minutes
Views: 146,809
Posted: 24 Jun at 9:37

Man falls off a moving Train in India
Views: 141,341
Posted: 24 Jun at 9:34