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Tourist is seriously injured after jumping off a rock - Spain
Uploaded On:Tuesday 23rd of April 2024

A bather, 40 years old and foreign, has been seriously injured after suffering a fall from Charco El Tancón, in Los Gigantes, into the sea, in the municipality of Santiago del Teide (Tenerife), and hitting the rocks, according to reports. The Emergency and Security Coordinating Center of 112 of the Canary Islands was informed.

The events occurred on Monday afternoon in the aforementioned place, where members of the Canarian Emergency Service (SUC) were transported, who upon their arrival had already managed to remove the affected person from the water and take him to the shore.

The Tenerife Firefighters team then transported the injured man to the ambulance where the health personnel verified that he had various serious injuries to his lower extremities, so he was transferred in a sanitized ambulance from the SUC to the Hospiten Sur University Hospital.

Local Police officers also appeared at the scene of the incident, collaborating with emergency services.