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Female store Employee stabbed multiple times in Indonesia
Uploaded On:Friday 2nd of September 2022
Banyuasin - The brutal stabbing of a man at a kiosk or food stall in Banyuasin, South Sumatra, has gone viral on social media. The victim, a female shop owner named Elen Maizar (40), was reportedly dying and almost died as a result of the incident. "Yes, that's right, the victim was dying and was immediately rushed to the hospital," said Kapolsek Talang Kelapa Banyuasin, Kompol Sigit, confirmed by detikSumut, Friday (26/8/2022). The incident, said Sigit, occurred in a shophouse belonging to the victim in Hamlet II, Gasing Village, Talang Kelapa, Banyuasin, this morning at around 08.27 WIB. At that time, he said, the victim was guarding his shop and suddenly the perpetrators approached him. "It happened this morning at the shophouse owned by the victim in Dusun II, Gasing Village," said Sigit. Based on the results of the investigation, according to Sigit, the incident began when the perpetrator initially came to the victim's shop with the aim of asking for a top up or the balance of the application for funds worth Rp. 200 thousand. However, because at that time the perpetrator did not give money, the victim refused until finally the perpetrator was offended and carried out the brutal action. "Because the perpetrator did not give the money, the victim had not made a top up balance. Feeling displeased, the perpetrator stabbed the victim many times," he said. As a result of the incident, continued Sigit, the victim also suffered injuries to the left shoulder, right and left elbows, back back. In addition, he continued, there were also wounds on the face, precisely on the forehead and cheeks as well as on the stomach. "The victim was screaming for help when the incident happened, the witness came and heard a voice asking for help. Then the witness saw the perpetrator leaving the victim's house without wearing a shirt. Knowing the victim's condition was covered in blood, the witness took the victim to Myria Hospital for medical assistance," he explained. Due to the incident, the victim's family also made a police report at the Talang Kelapa Police. The victim, whose condition was critical, was then operated on at the hospital for a number of injuries.