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6 people injured after fuel tanker explodes - Pará, Brazil
Uploaded On:Friday 5th of July 2024

The explosion of a tanker truck left at least six people injured this Wednesday (3). The accident happened on the BR-010 highway, between the cities of Paragominas and Ulianópolis , in Pará .

Drivers recorded the moment the vehicle caught fire and then exploded. The area had already been isolated due to the risk of explosion. Three firefighters and three members of the reporting team from the SBT affiliate in Paragominas were injured.

Reporter Alan Nelis , cameraman Wellington Moura , and driver Márcio Lopes suffered second-degree burns, but received medical attention at the Paragominas Regional Hospital and are out of danger. The firefighters suffered first-degree burns, as their firefighting suits and protective equipment minimized the impact of the burns. The tanker truck, which was transporting gas, was completely destroyed.

The Fire Department was called and the flames were controlled.

In a statement, the management of SBT Paragominas reported that the reporting team that was covering the incident of a burning truck is fine and thanked the public for their understanding.

"The team, made up of reporter Alan Nelis, cinematographer Wellington Moura and technician Marcio Lopes, was close to the isolation area, approximately 300 to 400 meters away from the truck. During the incident, there was an explosion and the team suffered second-degree burns. Everyone was promptly rescued and taken to the Paragominas UPA, and is now out of danger. SBT Paragominas reiterates that it is offering all necessary support to the team at this time. We thank everyone for their understanding," the text says.