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Gunman enters a Domino's Pizza restaurant and shoots at 3 young men with a sawed-off shotgun - Madrid, Spain
Uploaded On:Thursday 4th of July 2024

Security cameras at Domino's Pizza recorded how a man armed with a sawed-off shotgun entered the premises and shot three young people at point-blank range who were sitting at a table in the establishment. The attempted murder occurred at around 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday night at number 65 on Paseo de las Delicias in Madrid.

The video shows a man wearing shorts and with his face uncovered pushing the door of the restaurant twice, thinking it opens inwards. Three young men are sitting at a table near the door, one of them wearing a cap. Nothing makes these three diners think that they are going to be attacked with a firearm.

The man then manages to open the door and pulls a sawed-off shotgun from inside his trousers and opens fire at point-blank range. One of the three customers, wearing shorts and a shirt, runs out and is shot in the back by the first shot . A second young man runs into the shop and throws a chair at the gunman. The third, with bushy hair, crouches down and takes refuge in the corner. He grabs a kind of tablecloth from the table to cover his face and the gunman manages to shoot him, but miraculously escapes the bullet. The shooter then leaves the shop again while the third young man runs terrified inside the shop.

The only person injured by the gunshot had two gunshot wounds in the lower back, the lumbar area. The Samur-Civil Protection paramedics treated him and transferred him to the 12 de Octubre Hospital with advance notice and a reserved prognosis. He was conscious and stable at all times.

The Provincial Intelligence Brigade (BPI), which investigates Latin gangs, has opened an investigation to clarify the circumstances of what happened and find the alleged shooter. The images that accompany this information are being analyzed by the National Police to locate the alleged aggressor. The case is being investigated as an attack between Latin gangs. At the moment they have not located the suspect nor have they located the firearm that he allegedly used in the shooting.