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Doctor finds severed human finger in cone of ice cream ordered online - Mumbai, India
Uploaded On:Thursday 13th of June 2024

A Mumbai resident's horror after discovering a human finger in her cone of ice cream.

A human finger was found inside an ice cream cone that a doctor ordered from a shop in Mumbai on Wednesday, according to reports. The 26-year-old man reached Malad police station to file a complaint after making the disturbing discovery.

"The complainant in the case, a 26-year-old doctor with MBBS degree who stays in Malad west, had ordered a butterscotch ice-cream cone of Yummo company," news agency PTI quoted a police officer as saying.

The Mumbai resident's anticipation turned to horror when he unwrapped the sweet treat and found a severed human finger in it.

“While consuming the ice-cream after lunch, he came across a half an inch long piece of flesh with a nail in the ice cream,” the Mumbai Police officer said.

The man, who is pursuing his post-graduate studies, took up the matter and filed a complaint with the ice cream company on their Instagram page, he said. But since there was no appropriate response from the company, the complainant put the piece of flesh in an ice bag and approached the Malad police station, the official said.

A First Information Report (FIR) has been registered against Yummo Ice Creams on the basis of the woman's complaint to Malad police. The severed digit has been sent for forensic analysis.

The alleged incident in Mumbai sparked a wave of reactions among social media users, ranging from shock to disgust.

“I am traumatised” NDTV identified the doctor as Mumbai-based Orlem Brandon Serrao.

“I had ordered three cone ice creams from an app. One of them was a butterscotch ice cream of Yummo brand. After eating half of it, I felt a solid piece in my mouth. I thought it could be a nut or a chocolate piece and spat it out to check what it was,” Serrao was quoted as saying by NDTV.

“I am a doctor so I know how body parts look like. When I carefully examined it, I noticed the nails and fingerprint impressions under it. It resembled a thumb. I am traumatized,” he added.