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Woman was killed then chained to a motorcycle and dragged to a ditch - MT, Brazil
Uploaded On:Sunday 9th of June 2024

Bruna de Oliveira, 24 years old, was murdered in a studio apartment. Her body was dragged to a ditch in a forested area close to the crime scene.

A woman was killed in a studio apartment and had her body dragged by chains on a motorcycle, in Bairro Primaveras, in Sinop , 503 km from Cuiabá. Bruna de Oliveira, 24 years old, was dragged about three blocks to a forested area, where she was thrown into a ditch. The crime took place in the early hours of last Sunday (02) and security cameras recorded the moment the suspect dragged the victim. (see video above)

In the images, it is possible to see the man on a motorcycle with the victim chained by the neck , leaving a garage. It is not yet known what the victim's relationship was with the suspect.

According to the criminal expert, Bruna was murdered by the 32-year-old suspect, before being dragged away.

The victim's family members reported to the police that Bruna had left with the man and was not seen again. They came into contact with the man, who said he left Bruna at home around 10pm.

The young woman's relatives went to the suspect's house, but he had already moved out and outside the studio apartment there was blood on the floor.

Bruna's brother started looking for her in the region where the crime occurred and found her body thrown in a ditch. According to the Civil Police, the crime occurred around 4:55 am.

In the ditch, the police found Bruna with a chain wrapped around her neck, secured with a padlock and with a cut mark .

The woman's body was sent to the Legal Medical Institute (IML) of Sinop, where it will undergo autopsy examinations. The Civil Police are looking for the suspect, who is at large.