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Man was shot dead by his neighbor during heated argument - Escazú, Costa Rica
Uploaded On:Tuesday 4th of June 2024

New details continue to come to light around the case of the man who was shot to death by his neighbor inside a luxurious condominium in Escazú, this time it is a video that reveals how the atrocious crime occurred.

The video was captured by a security camera in said condominium.

As reported by La Teja in the morning, the conflict that ended with the death of Otoniel Orozco Mendoza, 53, at the hands of his neighbor, surnamed Ramírez, occurred due to a confrontation over a problem related to the key. of water passage.

In the recording you can see how a woman, who would be the suspect's wife, leaves her house to open the faucet, then waits behind a pick-up truck while saying: "Here I am waiting for him to come and close the faucet, foolish".

The woman continues arguing and shortly after, another woman appears from the neighboring house, apparently the wife of the now deceased, and that is when the argument over the stopcock becomes more heated than necessary.

A few seconds later Ramírez appears on the scene, who after standing next to his wife takes cover behind the car, apparently to prepare a gun that he then hides under his shirt.

The discussion between the two couples moves to the exact point where the stop key is located, and after some insults, Otoniel attacks Ramírez by throwing a blow at him, before this the other man retreats, takes out his gun and shoots him several times.

Orozco's wife runs away, while Ramírez is grabbed from behind by his partner, who takes him away.

After the events, Ramírez was arrested by the authorities.