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Warning Warning - The post Man was caught shoving gasoline pump nozzle up his anus while playing with himself - Italy might contain content that is not suitable for all ages.

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Uploaded On:Wednesday 15th of May 2024

A sick man has been caught with his pants down – literally – shoving a petrol pump nozzle up his ass . . . while pleasuring himself.

The strange clip, which unsurprisingly has gone viral on social media and left people with far more questions than answers, shows the elderly-looking man standing at a petrol station literally shoving the petrol hose nozzle into his rear while masturbating. The creepy man, wearing a bright orange baseball cap, slowly turns his head to see if anyone is looking and appears to spot the person filming him who starts shouting at him.

He very slowly, takes the nozzle out of his backside, removes his other hand from his genitals and starts to pull up his pants before the 12-second clip cuts off.

It is not clear where exactly the video was filmed, but a bit of sleuthing narrows it down to the country of Italy, as there are signs around the petrol station in Italian.

Also the translation of the guy whose shouting at him, was heard saying: “Unbelievable, what are you doing?!”. The man's identity is, as yet, unknown, with local media seemingly unwilling to track him down and report on it.