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Large unmanned hot air balloon explodes and injures 4 people - Ponorogo, Indonesia
Uploaded On:Monday 13th of May 2024

As a result, four children were injured, one of whom was in serious condition and had to be hospitalized.

Video shows the moment when the hot air balloon exploded and injured four people. The location of the incident was in the middle of the rice fields in Muneng Village, Balong District, Ponorogo.

The incident started when children and residents raised an unmanned hot air balloon in the local village rice fields. This hot air balloon was fitted with a balloon which then exploded when lit before it managed to rise. The explosion caused smoke to rise high at the scene.

The medical team at Harjono Ponorogo Hospital, Doctor Agustina Wulandari, said that three people had minor injuries and one serious injury so they had to be hospitalized. This victim's condition is suffering burns up to 60 percent.