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Ten people are injured after motorcycle explodes while trying to extinguish fire - India
Uploaded On:Monday 13th of May 2024

A shocking incident has come to light in the Old City of Hyderabad. A running motor bike caught fire. While trying to extinguish the fire, suddenly the bike exploded. Many people were injured in this incident.

The accident took place in Bhawani Nagar area of ​​Hyderabad Old Town. A man was riding a bike when it caught fire. The person riding the bike caught fire. He immediately got off the bike and went to the side.

Locals tried to control the fire that caught the bike. In this order water was poured on the bike. At that time the bike suddenly exploded. Seven people were injured in the incident. There is a constable in it. The injured were shifted to a private hospital for treatment.

The incident took place on Bibi Bazar Road in Mughalpura. A man was driving a Royal Enfield when the engine caught fire. While the man jumped off the motorcycle to save himself, the locals reached the spot and tried to douse the fire by pouring water from a pipe.

But unexpectedly, the motorcycle suddenly exploded, injuring the people trying to put out the fire and others bystanders. Immediately after the incident, the police of Mughalpura police station reached the spot. All the injured were shifted to Princess Esra Hospital in Mughalpura for treatment.