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Speeding motorcyclist is ejected off flyover after colliding with divider - China
Uploaded On:Monday 13th of May 2024

A fatal accident took place on the Visakha-NAD flyover. The speeding bike hit the divider. In this accident, three youths flew into the air and fell from the top of the flyover.

Visakha NAD Accident: A serious road accident took place in Visakhapatnam. The speeding duke bike hit the divider on the Visakha-NAD flyover. In this accident, three youths traveling on a bike fell from the top of the flyover.

In this incident, two died on the spot while another youth was seriously injured. The injured youth was taken to the hospital by the police. The scenes of this accident were recorded in CCTV cameras. This video is going viral. The cause of the accident is yet to be known.

However, the police primarily believe that excessive speed may have been the cause of the accident. The police are investigating. However, the details of the accident are yet to be known.