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Mother and son are accused of killing 2 and shooting a priest at party - Brazil
Uploaded On:Tuesday 23rd of April 2024

Pilson Pereira da Silva and Rui Luiz Bogo were shot dead this Sunday afternoon (21), in Peixoto de Azevedo. The city's priest, JRD,45, was shot and remains under medical care. The group was at a party when 2 criminals invaded the place, shooting indiscriminately. The criminals were identified as mother and son.

According to the incident report, investigators were called by the Military Police to attend the scene where a double homicide had occurred. At the address, agents were informed that there were two people dead in the house and one injured in the hospital.

Witnesses reported that it was a birthday party when the shooters arrived and fired their weapons at the guests. In audio attributed to the priest, it is reported that everyone ran when they saw the invaders. The religious man took refuge behind a sofa and one of the shots went through the protection. The bullet “ricocheted” hitting the watch he was wearing.

“I was saved first by the will of God. It bounced off the watch and that’s what saved me, otherwise it would have killed me,” she narrated. The home's security camera recorded the criminal action. There is still no information about the motivation for the murders. The suspects are Inês Gemilaki and Bruno Gemilaki Dal Poz.

The Official Expertise and Technical Identification (Politec) was called to carry out the necessary examinations on site. The Civil Police investigates the case.