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19-year-old gets trapped and killed in thresher machine while threshing wheat - Ichak, India
Uploaded On:Tuesday 9th of April 2024

While threshing wheat in Jamuari village, a youth Nitish Kumar (19 years), father Nirmal alias Bela Mahato died on Monday. The incident happened around 9 am on Monday morning. It is being told that Nitesh was threshing wheat in his field with a thresher machine.

During this time his towel got stuck in the machine. Died during treatment. As soon as information about the incident was received, the father of the deceased left Delhi by plane to reach Ichak. The deceased was the elder of two brothers.

After the incident, the residents of the locality including his mother, brothers, sisters and family members are in bad condition. For the last ten years, farmers in Jamuari village have been taking great interest in wheat cultivation. Thresher machines are being used instead of animals to thresh wheat ears. Nitesh's family has also cultivated wheat well this year.

On Monday morning, the thresher machine was brought to the field to thresh the wheat ears. Family members told that the work of threshing wheat had been completed. Nitesh had wrapped a towel around his neck to protect himself from wheat bran.

While threshing wheat, the cloth got stuck in the thresher machine. Due to this, half the body along with the towel entered the thresher machine and got injured. People immediately stopped the thresher machine.

People used a wrench to open the machine and tried to take Nitesh out. His body was trapped in such a way that people's efforts completely failed. After this, a gas cutter was brought from Kariatpur, the thresher machine was cut and the injured youth was taken out from the machine.