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Man shot at close range and killed during argument at pool hall - Curuguaty, Paraguay
Uploaded On:Wednesday 27th of March 2024

The clock read 01:54 on Monday when Sergio Cáceres Rodríguez, 41, was murdered in the middle of a game of pool and in front of other people, in a bar in the Siete Montes area, in the city of Curuguaty .

In the first closed-circuit images, a man is seen drawing a firearm while Cáceres Rodríguez, who was trying to calm things down, approaches him, NPY reported.

A few minutes later, the man in the light-colored shirt and kepi fired a shot at Cáceres Rodríguez, after an argument between players and spectators.

The man was shot in the head area. While the alleged shooter fled with another unknown person.

Both boarded a truck that they abandoned meters later and continued their escape in the middle of a wooded area.

The images captured give investigators the opportunity to identify the alleged shooter and the other subject who was accompanying him.

Investigators are already managing the identity of the suspect who was identified as Walter Franco Agrial, brother of the Colorado councilor of Villa Ygatimí, Gustavo Franco Agrial.