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Thief breaks into home and drowns family dog before taking off with a bottle of liquor - Argentina
Uploaded On:Thursday 1st of February 2024

A thief broke into a house in the Chaco town of Villa Río Negro and drowned a dog in a pool to take a jug. Everything was recorded by a security camera.

The tragic episode occurred at midnight last Saturday, when there was no member of the family inside the house located at 1165 Wilde Street. The criminal apparently had the information and that is why he attempted the robbery.

The images show the exact moment in which the teenager jumped over the wall of the house and entered the backyard of the property. It was at that moment that he was surprised by the presence of Renato, the family dog.

Far from feeling intimidated by the animal, the thief initially grabbed it and began to choke it. Seconds later he decided to throw him into the house’s pool and immersed him until he drowned and killed him.

The house’s security cameras show the moment in which the 17-year-old took the dog out of the pool and kicked it in the middle of the park. After leaving it lying on the side of the pool, he continued with the robbery and took a bottle.

The images captured by the cameras allowed the criminal to be quickly identified and this Monday he was detained by police from police station No. 12 in the town of Villa Río Negro, under the watchful eye of his mother.

The residents of the area denounce that the robberies by the 17-year-old boy are recurrent and demanded that the Court of Children, Adolescents and Family of Chaco, which is currently in judicial proceedings, not allow the accused to be released. as happened on previous occasions.

The prosecutor’s office of investigations at the fair ordered the arrest of the teenager for the theft of the bottle in the same house where he killed the dog, although so far it has not been confirmed whether they will give him preventive detention.