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Woman violently stabs man over money debt dispute - Cuba
Uploaded On:Thursday 16th of November 2023

A woman allegedly attacked a Cuban man with a knife in the middle of a street and in broad daylight.

According to complaints that reach social networks, the event occurred in Trinidad, in Sancti Spíritus, under the gaze of several neighbors.

"It is said that she was stabbed because of a money debt. The woman owed money to the man," Luis Ernesto Entenza, a native of Trinidad, told CiberCuba .

Meanwhile, he explained that "the man seen in the images would stop by the woman's house from time to time to demand the money she owed him."

However, this time the situation got out of control. "That day she waited for him behind the door with the knife, the man fell and started stabbing her," she said.

At least two people tried to stop the woman, as seen in the images.

Neighbors captured the images from what appears to be a second floor, in amazement at the violent attack.