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Man dies after being shot by own bullet ricochet at shooting range in Brazil
Uploaded On:Friday 15th of September 2023

A 36-year-old man died, this Wednesday (13), after being shot at a shooting range, in Planaltina, in the Federal District. Investigations indicate that one of the bullets he fired hit a metal structure and ricocheted, hitting him. The case is investigated by the 31st Police Station.

The Civil Police confirmed that the man, identified as Diego dos Santos Ribeiro , was registered as a Collector, Shooter and Hunter (CAC) . However, the weapon he used at the time was not his, but a friend's.

The corporation also said that the weapon was not registered and that the victim's friend had several police experience, so he could not, in theory, have a CAC record. However, investigations are still ongoing.

Diego received first aid from the Fire Department, but he could not resist and died on the shooting range. The Civil Police have already requested forensic examination at the scene and are analyzing images of the crime scene.