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Uploaded On:Thursday 24th of August 2023

On the afternoon of this Wednesday, August 23, in the state of Yaracuy, municipality of Peña, specifically in the community of Las Velas in the town of Yaritagua, a small plane crashed and caught fire before touching down.

Inhabitants of the sector witnessed the fact that was captured on video at the time of rushing. The different security forces present at the scene indicated that they were unaware of the causes of the incident and whether it was a commercial or state aircraft while they immediately reported a deceased person, according to various media outlets.

In more recent information, it was learned that “two crew members of the small plane YV-2915 were identified; they responded to the names of Douglas Villalobos and Andrés Riera, the latter, pilot of the aircraft. Both died on the site," reported Crónica Uno.

“It transpired that the plane with a white stripe, blue and gray acronyms YV-2915 had left from the Maiquetía airport (La Guaira) bound for the town of Río Negro, Colombia. One of the bodies was left outside the aircraft and the other was completely burned inside," Yaracuy told Al Día.

Up to the time of writing and publishing this note, the corresponding authorities of the entity have not offered official statements of the fact. The information has been extracted unofficially according to sources present in the area.