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6-year-old boy falls from zip line inside park in Mexico
Uploaded On:Tuesday 27th of June 2023
A minor fell from a zip line apparently 12 meters high during the afternoon of this Sunday in the municipality of Monterrey. Despite the little one César, 6 years old, fell into the water from that height, paramedics of a particular company they assured that he did not deserve his transfer to the hospital. The events occurred in the attraction inside the Amazon Expedition in Founding Park, when the safety side of the harness burst halfway, later the child fell into the lake and was rescued by a relative. According to state Civil Protection, paramedics said that had no apparent injuries and it was not necessary for a specialist to assess him despite the spectacular nature of the incident. While in the area, it was indicated that it was cordoned off and this Monday personnel from the Civil Protection inspection area of Nuevo León and the municipality of Monterrey will come to assess.