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Warning Warning - The post Gas station worker sprays customer with pump then sets him on fire, Brazil might contain content that is not suitable for all ages.

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Uploaded On:Monday 20th of March 2023
A customer at a fuel station in Curitiba had his body set on fire by a gas station attendant this Saturday (18). According to a video released by G1, Paulo Sérgio Esperançeta pours gasoline on the customer after an argument between the two and, seconds later, sets him on fire. According to the company's lawyer, the gas station attendant was fired and the gas station provides assistance to the family and the authorities in investigating the facts. Witnesses said the crime happened after the gas station customer complained that, when filling up the car, the employee damaged his vehicle key. In the images, you can see that while the two argue, the frentist is holding a fuel pump. Then the employee shoots the flammable liquid at the man and shortly after the fire starts.