Man killed by a hitman in Queens while entering his vehicle
Uploaded On: Friday 10th of September 2021
A man dressed in Hasidic garb was working on his white Nissan parked near the farmer Skyway Inn at 132-10 South Conduit Ave. in South Ozone Park just before 8 a.m. on Sept. 6. The suspect has the hood of his car open and he appears to tinker with the engine when the victim, who has been identified as Jermaine Dixon, approaches his own Ford Edge parked across the street. Video shows that as Dixon opens his vehicle, the gunman rushes up behind him and shoots him in the head. As Dixon falls into his vehicle, the suspect runs back to his vehicle, slams down the hood, and jumps into the driver’s seat, peeling away from the scene in a black and white Nissan sedan, police said. EMS responded and pronounced Dixon dead at the scene.