Turkish tiktoker killed while after falling through a roof while recording sunset video
Uploaded On: Friday 27th of August 2021
It was meant to be a fun adventure between two cousins…But sadly, it ended in tragedy for this TikTok user. A 23-year-old woman by the name of Kubra Dogan fell to her death after she climbed a high-rise building in Istanbul. She was attempting to film the stunning Turkish sunset to upload on her TikTok social media account. Unfortunately she misjudged her footing and fell through a plastic panel. Her tragic death was captured on video by her cousin Helen, and shows the woman’s final moments. In the video which has been widely circulated on the internet and social media, Kubra Dogan and her cousin are seen on top of the building, posing for pictures and filming the sunset. Kubra then takes a step in the wrong direction, placing a foot on a plastic panel which gives way under her weight. The young woman unexpectedly falls 50 metres into a well below.