Man executed with a shotgun for colliding with a man on a motorcycle in Brazil
Uploaded On: Tuesday 27th of April 2021
On Sunday afternoon, 25, a man identified as Edson, 53, was killed with a shotgun blast in front of the house where he lived, in the city of Cacoal, after being involved in a traffic accident with a motorcyclist. According to the police report, Edson was driving his white VW Saveiro vehicle when the collision with a motorcycle occurred and he and the driver started to argue due to the damage caused to the two vehicles. After a few minutes of "squabble", Edson left the place and went home, but shortly after the motorcyclist involved in the accident and two other men arrived at the scene, being received at the point of a shotgun gauge 28. However , when Edson aimed the gun at the men who arrived at his gate, one of them got into a physical fight with him and took the shotgun out of his hands. As the images recorded by popular people show, Edson was already restrained when one of the men shot him in the back at point blank range and then fled. Despite being rescued while still alive by a rescue unit of the Corps and Firefighters, Edson did not resist the injury and died minutes after being admitted to the Hospital de Emergencia e Urgência de Rondônia (Heuro), in Cacoal. During the first investigations, the military were informed that a convict of the semi-open regime was part of the execution and, in contact with the Cacoal Penal Colony, were informed that the suspect's electronic anklet had actually been at the scene of the crime at the time that the fact happened. Located at home by the garrison, the convict denied having participated in the execution, however, he said that a friend had actually gone to his residence and asked for help in resolving a traffic accident situation, because the person responsible was not willing to pay for the damage caused in the motorcycle. With that, the convict went to the place of the facts, but denied having been one of the agents of the crime. Still during the survey of the first information, the military raised that the two men known as "Marlim" and "Joaninha" would be the others involved that appear in the images, but no one was found.