Video shows fatal shooting of man by Montgomery County sheriff’s deputy
Uploaded On: Monday 8th of February 2021
LAYTONSVILLE, Md. (WDVM) — A Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy shot and killed a man who was allegedly “driving erratically” and attacking people in Laytonsville Saturday morning. Montgomery county sheriff Darren Popkin says around 8 a.m., a man was driving out of the town of Laytonsville, drifting over the centerline. The driver caused an oncoming vehicle to swerve and hit a pole and then later collided with a second vehicle, disabling his sedan. The driver then pulled out a “large piece of wood” and started to swing it at the other car, passengers and the sheriff’s deputy who just arrived at the scene. He kept swinging the large piece of wood at the deputy as he was backing up and started striking the deputy,” Popkin said. “And it was at that point the deputy felt that his life was threatened.” Popkin said the deputy attempted to use his taser before he shot and killed the man. Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones said their Major Crimes Unit will be interviewing witnesses and handling the investigation of the extensive crime scene. The deputy was transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The crash victims also sustained injuries from the collision but declined transport. The sheriff said the names of the driver and the deputy will be released at a later time.