Female bartender beaten by tipsy costumer
Uploaded On: Wednesday 28th of August 2019

Apatity, Russia — A tipsy visitor beat up a bartender girl in Apatity because of high prices for cognac, according to the HibInformBuro. Buyan hit the lens of the surveillance camera.

The incident occurred in the early morning of August 24 in a bar on Cosmonauts Street. The footage shows how a young man goes behind the counter and begins to beat the saleswoman, and then pulls her by the hair, presses her face to the floor and demands to admit that she is wrong. From further reprisal, the girl was saved by a random visitor – he did absolutely nothing, but distracted the bully.

After providing medical assistance, the bartender said that the conflict with the client arose because of cognac prices – the latter they seemed too high, but an employee of a pub in response to criticism advised him to look for another bar.

The girl did not receive serious injuries, and therefore the aggressor will escape criminal punishment.